Thesis – Guide to successful submission

Soon the time has come:

The graduation is within reach! Now the final thesis has to be written. However, this work is not to be taken lightly; she can finally decide on the further course of life.

In order for students to successfully complete their bachelor’s or master’s degree or to successfully write their master’s and state studies to the satisfaction of all, it is important to note a few points.

1. It is advisable for the student to cover a topic in his thesis that really interests him.

The motivation to deal with this over a longer period of time is difficult to sustain if interest is low or absent.

2. Dealing with a topic can be done some time before. Probably during the past semester, a special interest has emerged. When reading textbooks, there may be issues that need to be questioned or contradictory. It is advisable to write down these aspects so that the student can later access a pool of possible topics.

3. Finding the beginning may be difficult. It is easy to find excuses why it is necessary to wait a few more days. But rather than prefer the spring cleaning, it is necessary to act consistently, to sit down at the desk and start.

4. The first step is to create an outline. There is a general framework for scholarly work, which the writers should adhere to, according to Carleton University.

It serves the student to work on his topic from here.

  • Introduction
  • The state of research
  • Question
  • Project to solve the question
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Attachments