Bachelor thesis


The chair offers all interested students the opportunity to apply for a bachelor thesis On this page you will find information on the application process, the assignment of topics and the course of the bachelor thesis.

Bachelor’s theses can also be written in the team of two students. The prerequisite is that both students have already worked together successfully and have achieved similar grades in their studies. For further information please contact Hendrik Tentesch.

Start and registration:

To enable you to plan your studies as flexibly as possible, the bachelor thesis can be started at any time. Fixed “start dates” do not exist. We recommend that you plan your studies in such a way that you do not have to provide any further essential examinations during the time of writing your bachelor thesis. Ideally, the bachelor thesis represents the completion of your studies.

Please note the following:

Please apply at least six weeks, but not more than three months before the desired start date for your bachelor thesis, by sending the application form and a current STUDIS printout by email to Michaela Goller.

Also enter the desired start date of the thesis.

We will inform you as soon as possible after receipt of the application form by e-mail.

Contact Person:

If you have further questions about the bachelor thesis, please contact Hendrik Tentesch. The supervision of the bachelor thesis itself is done by a member of staff of the chair, which is determined in particular depending on the chosen topic.

Award criteria:

In principle, every student can apply for a bachelor thesis at the LFB. Applications from students who have completed the Advanced Seminar at least with the overall grade “good” and successfully participated in the events Corporate Finance and Finance and Bank Management are always accepted.

In addition, if there are mentoring capacities at the chair, which we currently assume, further bachelor theses will be awarded on the basis of the number and grades of the events attended at the LFB.

Topics Classification:

In order to offer you the widest possible range of topics, we are constantly keeping a list of various topics at our disposal. Please choose from three subject areas and state these subject areas according to your preference on the application form of the LFB. You will then receive the specific topic at the beginning of the processing period.

In addition, there is the possibility that you suggest a specific topic yourself. So that we can determine whether the topic you have proposed is workable in the context of a bachelor thesis and can also be well looked after at the chair, the application form must be accompanied by an at least three-page exposé that motivates, presents and illustrates the planned procedure. If the topic is promising and realistically feasible from a scientific perspective, you will receive this or a closely related topic. Otherwise, you will receive a topic from your preferred subject areas.

Works can also be written at the LFB in cooperation with the practice, if this seems feasible. It should be borne in mind that possibly connected internships in the bachelor thesis period often have only limited benefits for the bachelor thesis, since the interests of the company do not have to be congruent with the requirements of the bachelor thesis. In this respect, it is advisable to define clear rules of the game in advance with the company, whereby the chair gladly supports you. Again, a corresponding expose must be submitted.

Guide to the preparation of scientific papers

In the guideline for the preparation of scientific papers, we have put together for you all the formal details that are relevant for the preparation of bachelor and master theses or seminar papers in the Bachelor and Master. Please read this guide carefully before you begin your work and follow it completely. To help you get started with your thesis, you can download a style sheet here – so you can concentrate exclusively on the content of your work

The guide includes information on:

  • Structure and structure of the work
  • Scope of work
  • Font and document set
  • Citation and source reference
  • Declaration of honor for theses
  • If you have any questions, please contact the supervisor of your work.